Spring-Heel'd Jack Coffee & Cold Brew

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*Imagine a Yeti at the beach with sunglasses on*

I was messing around with a new Colombian bean I got that’s very delicious and I found out that it makes a BANGER of a cold brew if I roast it a certain way - very sweet and refreshing with notes of brown sugar and just a real nice coffee taste with almost no acidity 😎

I wouldn’t sell this for real American dollars if it wasn’t already good (in my opinion), but it’s still experimental so please let me know what you think!!


  1. pour some filtered water into the bottom of your Toddy (or whatever you use) 
  2. pour half of the coffee on top of that water
  3. add more water
  4. add the rest of the coffee
  5. let it rise until it looks like a delicious brownie
  6. add the rest of the water
  7. steep 16 hours (my recommendation) or to taste
  8. dilute with at least 2 parts water (depends on how much water you used to make the concentrate) or else you’ll shit your pants

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