Experimental Light Roast (Ethiopian natural)

Product image 1Experimental Light Roast (Ethiopian natural)
Product image 2Experimental Light Roast (Ethiopian natural)
Product image 3Experimental Light Roast (Ethiopian natural)
Product image 4Experimental Light Roast (Ethiopian natural)

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ORIGIN: Ethiopia, Gelana Abaya

TASTING NOTES: Blueberry, ripe red plum, brownie, heavy body

I haven’t tried a light roast in ages, so we’ll see if I really messed this one up or not. I’m only roasting 1-2 batches at a time at most, so let me know the batch letter on the bag with your feedback! 

I'd LOVE to get your feedback on this blend - email me at or text me at (614) 805-8581 and let me know your thoughts 🖤

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