Anaerobic Colombia Experiment

Product image 1Anaerobic Colombia Experiment
Product image 2Anaerobic Colombia Experiment
Product image 3Anaerobic Colombia Experiment

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If you want to get funky, try this bean - my first anaerobic natural-process bean ever! That means it's got a menacingly fruit-forward smell and would make for both a super fruitsplosion cold brew and a weirdo cup of hot coffee. 

This is an experiment and I only have one bag of this stuff, so lemme know how you like it PLEASE! Roasts might change from batch to batch depending on what I feel like I need to test, but I've done a few tests for my own tasting and I've got it at a point where it's at least tasty enough for you all to try some.

If reception is good enough, I'll try to be sure to have this stuff on hand all the time!! I also want to try blending it with some other beans but I'm going to leave it by itself for now to give you THE FULL EXPERIENCE

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