Don't just take our word for it! Here are some of the kind words that our friends have said about Spring-Heel'd Jack coffee:

  • Dear Spring-Heel'd Jack,

    I've been meaning to send a note for a while. Your coffee is without exaggeration the best coffee I've ever had in my life. And your personal touches and customer service are part of what keeps me ordering more. The #12 blend you sent me a sample of is superb and it was so thoughtful of you to include it in my last order. Needless to say, the sample didn't last long, but I'll look forward to buying a full pound of it soon.

    Thank you for making such great coffee and for the care you put into each blend. After tasting your small batch roasts, pretty much all other coffee is just a disappointment.

    Customer for life in Clearfield, Utah,

  • "Thank you for doing this (making delicious beans)! I am born and raised in the city of Fremont, CA. We were given the title of being the city that spends the most on coffee per year in the US. So clearly I have coffee traversing through my body as we speak, but oh my, this one is a damn special brew! ... I just received my parcel today, and sweet fancy Moses, this is one fine cup of coffee. My eyes watered up. So thank you for being you (the both of you) and doing something you’re clearly passionate about. You’ve made my week (and morning) something to look forward to. I shall return with more money for beans!"   - Jeff L., Fremont, California 
  •  "I got my coffee today! The Black Phillip is an amazing blend, & I wouldn't change a thing..., except, where it is sold."  - Pat W., Springfield, Missouri 
  •  "Ok it didn’t give me enough characters to say all I wanted to say!! BUY LOCAL people!!! So far we have tried the Black Philip and it is so smooth and delicious. The Customer service was so on top of things and I had my delivery literally within hours of ordering. So great having something like this in Gahanna!!!" - Stephanie H., Gahanna, Ohio
  • "Spring Heel'd Jack is one of my favorite discoveries of the last few years. I've tried all four flavors available on Amazon (Re-Animator, High Strangeness, Old Scratch, and Black Phillip) and they all offer something unique and delicious for your palate. I prefer darker coffees, so my go-to is Re-Animator, which I think is a perfect mix of boldness and flavor. It doesn't taste remotely burnt, as some dark roasts can. Just really high-quality, smooth coffees that can be enjoyed black or with your favorite add-ins."  - Justin B., Phoenix, Arizona
  • "Their Black Phillip coffee is hands down the best coffee I've ever had!"  - Matt B., Columbus, Ohio
  • "Amazing service and unbelievable coffee! Made my gloomy Sunday studying for an exam so much brighter. Hail you and hail coffee!"  - Elizabeth I., Louisville, Kentucky