Our Blends

Black Phillip

Live deliciously every day by drinking Black Phillip. This one is our house blend for a reason; it's just a classic, delicious cup of coffee that is perfect for any situation. You can't go wrong with Black Phillip.

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Dark and mysterious with a little bit of that Indonesian smoothness blended in. Re-Animator is a fan favorite and I personally think it is best suited for a rich, flavorful after-dinner cup of coffee!

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High Strangeness

A nutty, warm and dark blend sources from East Africa and Central America. Blend tasting notes of hazelnut, caramel, apricot and almond.

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Old Scratch

A very 'comfortable', drinkable blend. Evokes images of a campfire in my head, for some reason. It's also my mom's favorite blend, so that should tell you everything you need to know.

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A sumptuous blend of smokey, dark Sumatran Mandehling with a medium-dark Costa Rican bean that adds a sweet complexity to the brew. Perfect for living deliciously after dinner, though a few testers said it's good for mornings, so really just drink it whenever you want (Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law).

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The Hessian

The Hessian is dark and mysterious, with strong notes of dark red fruitiness and a wine-like finish. The Central American bean mellows out the wildness of the African to make a balanced, strong, and dark cup of coffee.

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Abominable Snowman (Cold Brew Roasts)

Cold brew is one of our specialties, and Abominable Snowman #1 makes a cold brew that is fruit-forward and has a great finish, and the second blend is for if you want a more chocolate-y, nutty cold brew with a heavier body. Notes of hazelnut and caramel mix with a classic coffee flavor to create cold brew that's smooth and strong, taking well to cream, sugar, or just drinking straight.

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Bell Witch

This blend is not what I expected, and that's a wonderful thing. I thought it would be an explosion of acidic fruit flavors, but on drip, it's an extremely smooth blend that has a fruit flavor with no bitterness to it at all. I don't even know how I did that!

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Experiment #15 Espresso Blend

Notes of sweet fruit, cocoa and soft nuttiness with a clean bright finish. Pairs well with milk for a noice espresso, coming through like hot chocolate spiked with blueberry schnapps and hazelnut liquor, and should be good straight as well. Great for Americanos!

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Notes of pecan, chocolate, and fudge-fig spread abound in the tasty XIBALBA blend, the name of the Mayan Underworld! The medium-dark Mexican bean featured in this blend brings a delicious maple / pecan note and the other beans bring even more body to this thick, hearty blend.

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