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About Spring-Heel'd Jack

So, who the hell are we and why should you buy our coffee? We're a business run by a family of weirdos who have always enjoyed horror movies, coffee, and creepy stuff.

After I (Alex, the roaster and one who does all the work) graduated from college with my food science degree, I had thought of going into the world of beer-making, even though I wasn't a big beer guy. That's when I decided to finally take an interest into an old hobby of my parents', coffee roasting. They had been roasting their own coffee on a little microwave-sized thing for years, and after seeing how much better coffee could be when it was roasted right, I decided to ask my parents to show me how to do it.

A year later and after seeing almost no growth in our boring regular coffee company, roasting on a tiny roaster, I decided to start messing with coffee blends. Roasting single origins was boring and didn't let me be EXPRESSIVE enough, and soon my first blend was born. I just knew I had to name it Black Phillip; it was too perfect. That's when I talked my parents into letting me change the business name and style. Spring-Heel'd Jack was born (thanks, Last Podcast), and the rest is history.


Sponsorship of FRIGHTDAY

Image result for frightday

I used this picture because hell yeah, hail Paimon!

We are proud to be friends with and sponsors of FRIGHTDAY, a podcast that is hilarious, entertaining, and informative for anyone who is a fan of the macabre and horrifying. I started off listening to them and ended up friends with them, supporting them through monthly shipments of caffeine to fuel their insanity. Go give them a listen RIGHT NOW




We have partnered with our friends at the Cryptocurium to offer our limited-run pumpkin spice-flavored Colombian Supremo! Normally, we don't dig on flavors, but we love Halloween and we know you do too, so we found some all-natural flavor oil that actually made for a damn good cup of coffee.

Jason and Sam have made some AMAZING work with the Cryptocurium and we are honored to be included in their work. Check out their store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Cryptocurium

And here's the link to the specific Instagram post about the coffee collab (hoping this link works): https://www.instagram.com/p/BgeNOQ5F76B/?taken-by=orderofthethinnedveil

Thank you, and as always, Jack loves you!

(Jason's headless horseman wall plaque is sitting next to me as I type this, actually)


Logo Art by Sam Heimer

Sam created an INSPIRED new look for our coffee company with this logo. He perfectly encapsulates what Spring-Heel'd Jack should be: overly caffeinated, classy, and a little scary. Expect to see this on some COOL new t-shirts and coffee bags.

Sam is an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot express how much we love this new logo. Check him out at his website and buy some of his stuff on Etsy!

 Sam also created the awesome Old Scratch art!


Black Phillip Art by Ruegaroux Studios

Stupid sexy Black Phillip


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